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Trust / trust

Quasi-documentary video/photography

The availability of the Internet and the possibility of connecting with the distant world made me decide to look at this chance - I found an online application that allows you to travel around the world and do something good, including guarding pets during the absence of their owners. I was interested in the opportunity to visit a given place in the world and simply - work in exchange for accommodation in a place offered by the owner. So far, I have made five trips - to Berlin, Dublin, Malta, Copenhagen and London.

I would like to create a work about trust, relationships between carers, owners, and their animals, and also attention to social changes taking place on a micro-scale. The work is to show what my life and adaptation in a "borrowed" apartment looked like, how I got to know the animal, how I learned and cared for it, and what are the mutual boundaries of the three complementary worlds.

„Who drank from my cup? Who slept in my sheets? Who used my towel?” The video presents my basic household activities, however, using the objects and space of "strangers", in a way violating their private space. My actions show my daily habbits, adapting to someone's private home, and then to the culture in which I found myself, to the country I visited.

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