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Cleavage for Belarus

Calendar | Kolektyw Łaski, Kamil Kotarba, Jana Shostak, Kaja Dobrzańska

The #dekoltdlabialorussi calendar was created from a combination of solidarity and body positivity. We want to support the families of political prisoners in Belarus and at the same time show that helping has many faces and can combine fights on various fronts - from protests against dictatorship and violence to efforts to increase the visibility and acceptance of various bodies. Women's breasts have already become a symbol of solidarity with Belarus after activist Jana Shostak faced a wave of criticism for not wearing a bra at the protests. The idea for our project is very simple: in each photo, there is a topless model holding a cat. We decided to combine tits and cats, i.e. two viral images, the best and worst of the Internet at the same time. We want to show that our bodies belong to us, and only we can decide when we want to reveal them. Great artists and brave activists stood in front of Kamil Kotarba lens: Magda Gessler, Katarzyna Kozyra, Julia Kamińska and many others.

The calendar symbolically begins on August 9, the 1st anniversary of the outbreak of the Belarusian uprising. All funds from the sale of the calendar will be donated to the families of political prisoners in Belarus. The charity campaign is possible thanks to the Wysokie Obcasy Foundation, which fights for women's rights, equality and supports discriminated minorities. The foundation's work is possible thanks to your support from the readers of Gazeta Wyborcza and Wysokie Obcasy.

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